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Paranormal News! 24 November 2017

Happy Post-Thanksgiving, Everyone! The Paranormal Museum is closed for the holiday but we'll be back on Saturday!

1) Lost city of Atlantis discovered by dive team seeking lake monster! Okay, it's probably not actually Atlantis, but that's what people are calling the castle, found beneath a lake in Turkey. But I'm not kidding about the lake monster.

3) In honor of America's Thanksgiving weekend, the ghosts of Plymouth, MA.

4) I honestly can't figure out if the ongoing Dear David ghost story is a hoax, an example of fear turning into rampant paranoia, or for real. If it's a hoax, it's brilliant. If it's paranoia, I feel bad for the guy. But there's something about the saga that doesn't feel quite real to me. Cafe Mom asks a real ghost hunter his opinion.

5) Varsity asks why we're all obsessed with the supernatural. But come on, we've ALWAYS been obsessed. Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote ghost stories (hello, House of the Seven Gables). Shakespeare wrote about the supernatural. It's always been with us. And huzzah for that!

About the Author

Maddie Kosloski is the fictional curator of a perfectly proper paranormal museum.

Paranormal Museum mysteries by Kirsten Weiss

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