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Paranormal News! 12 January

paranormal news of the week

Aside from the fact I may soon need reading glasses, does it mean anything if I read the words "chronic lateness" and see "chthonic lateness?" I think it could be a fancy way of saying someone's the type to be late to their own funeral. Word of the day, folks, because this is an educational blog.

Anyway! On to this week's paranormal news?

1) Are you in the market for a haunted castle? (Who isn't?). You're in luck, because one's back on the market.

3) Is an Oregonian witch community responsible for local hauntings? The show Ghost Adventures blames creepy conjurings. But there is a theory out there that human psychic energy can cause paranormal phenomena, so... hm...

5) And unsurprisingly, Washington and California lead in Bigfoot sightings (since the Pacific Northwest seems to be one of the beast's natural habitats).

About the Author

Maddie Kosloski is the imaginary proprietess of the mythical Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum. Book 3 in the paranormal museum series, Deja Moo, is coming this Marhc!

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