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Paranormal News! 16 February 2018

paranormal news from the Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum

1) For a museum that doesn't "do" UFOs, I sure end up writing about them a lot on this blog. A new Marist poll indicates that 68% of Americans think there's intelligent life on other planets. It's a big universe, so the idea that we're alone just seems unlikely to me.

2) A group of ghost hunters in Cornwall is using the power of social media for their explorations. They've asked their Facebook followers if any can "tune in" to the vibes coming off a... wait for it... haunted doll! (We've got several haunted and spooky dolls at the paranormal museum, so I couldn't resist this story).

3) More witchy fashion, this time from Coach's fall collection. (Yes, even though it's not yet spring, the fashion world is already launching their fall collections - there's a reason for this involving orders and shipping, so I'm not criticizing, just verifying that wasn't a typo).

5) Meet a professional "UFO nut" who searches for ETs along America's highways.

About the Author

Maddie Kosloski is the fictional curator of the imaginary San Benedetto Paranormal Museum. Book 3 in the Paranormal Museum series, Deja Moo, is available for pre-order and coming in March.

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