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Paranormal News of the Week! 20 April

paranormal news of the week

It's a good news/bad news/weird news sort of week. I'll start with the bad, so we can get it over with.

Farewell to Art Bell, host of the paranormal radio show, Coast to Coast AM, and who passed away on Friday the 13th.

Did this drone capture the ghost of a mounted knight at the site of King Edward II's murder? I'll be honest - I'm not seeing it, but maybe you can.

Rare concept art for Disneyland's original haunted mansion is up for auction. Hm... I'd love to get something for the museum, but expect the bidding will quickly zoom out of my price range.

The Queen Mary is renting out its most haunted room for the low low price of $499 per night! Good thing it's not $500, because that would be way out of my price range.

About the Author

Maddie Kosloski is the imaginary proprietor of the fictional San Benedetto Paranormal Museum! You can read about her cozy mystery adventures in The Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum series.

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