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Paranormal News! 3 August 2018

paranormal news of the week

Welcome to another weird week of the extraordinary and unexplainable, from the San Benedetto Paranormal Museum!

1) We have a lot of odd exhibits at the paranormal museum. But, sorry, not-sorry, I'd never go this far. Ghost hunter buys painting that Charles Manson may have peed on. Blech.

2) Stranger Things Season 3 is coming to Netflix... next year. Sigh. I'm guessing a mall is involved?

3) Is ghost hunting the next big thing in tourism? We at the San Benedetto Paranormal Museum fervently hope so. In more supernatural TV news, Hallmark has renewed the Good Witch for a fifth season.

5) Pier 1 reveals its Halloween decor, and I think I need the "Shoes off, Witches" doormat. And not for Halloween.

About the Author

Maddie Kosloski is the fictional proprietor of the imaginary San Benedetto Paranormal Museum. You can read about her cozy mystery adventures in The Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum series.

The Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum

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