Sight - S1 : E12

Sight - S1:E12 - Skull in coffee cup


I raced downstairs, grabbing the baseball bat in the umbrella stand by the door. My aunt had woven protective wards around the house, and I’d maintained her spells. If Rasputin – or Tom, or whatever his name was – was a dark magician, he wouldn’t cross the property line.

Chest heaving, I charged onto the porch. Icy knives of wind pierced the loose cables of my sweater. I shielded my face with one hand.

A wiry, masculine figure loped down the road.

My hand tightened on the bat. Tom. Or was it? The blonde had been slender too, in a long-muscled sort of way.

A Christmas ornament blew down the road and stopped at my driveway.

Backing into the house, I locked the door.

I slept badly, each scrape of a branch across the house, each patter of animal footsteps on the roof sending my thoughts racing.

The next day, I sat behind my bookshop’s counter and organized sprigs of holiday herbs that had fallen from the window. I yawned, bleary eyed, over my coffee.

My eyes glazed as I swirled the spoon. I squinted at an image manifesting in the foam.

The phone jangled. I blinked, and the image vanished. I grabbed the receiver.

“You’ve reached Ye Olde Bookstore.” I’d inherited the bookshop’s name and was too sentimental to change.

“It’s McCourt. I want you to sit with a sketch artist. We need a composite of that blonde.” She heaved a sigh. “And I want you to take a look at that book.”

My elbow banged painfully on the counter, and I winced. “You do?”

“I’ll send a deputy by to bring you to the station.”

“The killer wants that book,” I said slowly. And I wanted this over.


I rubbed my elbow. “Maybe you should bring it here.”

“You’re a soft target. It would be an invite for another attack.”

“I’m volunteering.”

I waited, holding my breath.

“I’ll come to the bookstore this afternoon at three,” she said. “With the book.”

“I won’t keep it quiet.”

She hung up.

I ran my fingers along the computer keyboard. That had been suspiciously easy. On the other hand, Sheriff McCourt really didn’t like me.

So I wanted a backup plan.

I made a call.

Next in Episode 13: Lenore finally examines the mysterious book. Things go badly.

Photo (top) by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash. Photo below by Daniil Kuzelev on Unsplash.

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