Paranormal News of the Week! 14 December

Whew! The holiday season has kept Leo and I at the museum hopping. But we're not too busy to fill orders. So be sure to check out our online store and get an EMF reader for the ghost buster in your life.

1) Looking for a historically haunted house? The Forge Mansion in Womelsdorf, PA, is for sale! The mansion includes four bathrooms and... ghosts.

2) Haunting with the rich and famous --Jennifer Aniston admits she once lived with a ghost.

3) Were the prehistoric skeletons found in Yorkshire victims of a vampire-killing ritual?

4) How JRR Tolkien inspired 1970s prog-rock.

5) Taking another look at famous Area 51 witness, Bob Lazar. Can we believe him?

About the Author

Maddie Kosloski is the imaginary proprietor of the fictional San Benedetto Paranormal Museum. If you enjoy holiday mysteries, be sure to check out book 3 in the series, Deja Moo!

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