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Revising Wits' End

At Wits' End cover - a cozy mystery by Kirsten Weiss

The third edition of At Wits' End and the second edition of Planet of the Grapes are now available on all fine e-retailers. If you've already bought the ebook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or iBooks, you can get the updated version for free. For instructions, check out this blog post by (scroll down to the header "Dealing With Retailers.")

[I thought this would happen automatically with Amazon, but it turns out I needed to get approval for readers to get the updated versions. Amazon has finally approved it as of June 10th. Here's what they say about how to download it: "The customer can now update the content on their “Manage Your Content and Devices” page ( If you own a copy of your book, you can also download the newer version from this page."]

The main change has to do with the heroine, Susan Witsend. She's always been a huge planner and a bit of a control freak (though she doesn't try to control others). I thought I should expand that a bit and give some explanation as to why she's like this. And once I delved more deeply into the why, then her behavior towards other minor characters began to change as well. In the end, I think it's a lot funnier, but also gives Susan a lot more complexity.

If you haven't tried the Wits' End series, which looks at the events in Doyle from a... different point of view, here's the description for book 1, At Wits' End:

A Doyle Cozy Mystery, by Kirsten Weiss

When Susan Witsend inherits her grandmother’s UFO-themed B&B, she’s ready to put her organizational skills to the test. She knows she can make the B&B work, even if there is a faux-UFO in the roof. After all, what’s not to love about a Victorian nestled in the high Sierra foothills? None of her carefully crafted policies and procedures, however, can prepare her for a corpse in room seven – the body of her small-town sheriff’s ex-husband. But Susan has her own plans to solve the crime.

In Susan’s mind, Men in Black, conspiracy-crazed old ladies, and an angry sheriff are just part and parcel of catering to UFO enthusiasts. But is there a government conspiracy afoot? Or is the murder a simple case of small-town vengeance?

Susan must keep all her wits about her. Because the killer isn’t finished, and if she isn’t careful, her fate may be written in the stars…

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