Paranormal News! 22 June 2019

Paranormal News from the Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum

Welcome to another week of paranormal news from the San Benedetto Paranormal Museum! We've got ghosts, Bigfoot, UFOs and entertainment news!

1) Woman faints in a paranormal museum (not mine) after being touched by an orb. Is this video evidence of the paranormal? As a side note, at the San Benedetto museum, we only run our video cameras at night, after the museum has closed.

2) Have you heard the mournful call of Bigfoot? No? (Me neither, alas). Then maybe you should go to Indiana, where people have been hearing its cry.

3) The Good Witch, season 4, FINALLY arrives on Netflix on July 2nd!

4) What is going on? The Pentagon briefed three US senators on UFO sightings. Apparently requests for briefings from Congress have increased since it was revealed the military is investigating reported sightings.

5) After woman has no success selling her haunted house, she opens it to ghost hunters.

About the Author:

Maddie Kosloski is the fictional proprietess of the imaginary San Benedetto Paranorma

l Museum. You can read about her cozy mystery adventures in The Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum series of novels.

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