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Is Alien Abduction Covered by Insurance?

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Deanna Peters is a creative, energetic sole-owner/operator with a home-based business selling jam. So her month’s-long disappearance, along with the rest of the patrons of the Fox and Fennel pub, put a serious dent in her finances.

Fortunately, Deanna had planned ahead, purchasing alien-abduction insurance.

What is alien-abduction insurance?

Alien abduction-insurance (AAI), also known as UFO insurance, covers you in the event of abduction by non-human life forms*, provided the policy’s terms and conditions are met along with conditions that substantiate proof.

Who buys alien-abduction insurance?

Just as you’d buy insurance for other, everyday things that might inflict a financial loss, a person worried about not having the financial resources to recover from an alien abduction, UFO abduction or non-human abduction incident, may decide to buy AAI.

It's all about protection.

Is AAI right for you?

Concerns about UFO's and alien abductions in Doyle go back over a century (though Doyle’s Gold Rush settlers believed the abductors were fairies). The infamous case of the disappearance of Doyle’s Fox and Fennel pub, of which Deanna was but one victim, is perhaps our most famous. This mass abduction has also, admittedly, increased the cost of AAI for Doyle residents.

The cost of any insurance product is based on the risk and the amount of the premium. AAI providers such as Parnassus-Bridge Insurance, therefore, weigh the data on:

• The number of confirmed incidents or actual abductions, and • The number of incidents that may or are likely to occur.

Today, Diana is back at work, selling her jam to local businesses. (Be sure to try her boysenberry jam -- it's out of this world!). And though she's still dealing with the aftermath of the abduction, at least she doesn't have to worry about medical and other bills, thanks to AAI.

I’d be happy to work with you to determine if AAI is right for your situation. Contact me for a free consultation!

Parnel Parnassus Parnassus-Bridge Insurance 1422 Main Street Doyle, CA

*Yes, Bigfoot and fairy abductions are covered too, as long as the policy’s terms and conditions are met along with sufficient evidence of non-human abduction.


I hope you enjoyed my latest stab at flash fiction. Yes, AAI insurance really is a thing, and some companies have even paid out. I wrote the above with my Wits' End cozy mystery series in mind.

Susan Witsend manages the UFO-themed B&B, Wits’ End. She and her friends aren’t sure why there have been so many uncanny disappearances (and reappearances) in Doyle. But they suspect UFOs are to blame. (Of course, the Doyle Witches – Karin, Jayce, and Lenore – have a very different opinion of the matter).

Read about Susan's cozy mystery adventures in At Wits' End and Planet of the Grapes! Book 3 in the series, Close Encounters of the Curd Kind, is coming this September...

In other notes:

The Quiche and the Dead is now on Kindle Unlimited, for you KU folks.

And Bound, book 1 in the Witches of Doyle trilogy, is FREE on all platforms!

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