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Tiki Terror! (Plus Tea!)

Flyer promoting the new haunted tiki exhibit at the Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum

First, thank you to the Raven(ous) Society for inviting us to join this online Witch's Tea!

In honor of our newest paranormal exhibit, a haunted tiki that's said to walk at night, the San Benedetto Paranormal Museum is holding a Tiki Tea on October 31st! And since we’re located next door to an actual tearoom, no actual tea will be served (that would irritate the neighbor). Instead, we’re going full tiki with tiki drinks. So, only adults over 21, please.

But first, what about that haunted tiki?

Tikis are found throughout the Polynesian islands and are large stone or wooden sculptures carved in human form.

But that’s not what we’ve got.

What we’ve got is a replica tiki from a tiki bar in Long Beach, CA, purported to be cursed by a surfer who just couldn’t catch a wave on days he went to the tiki bar. We suspect his failure to catch waves had more to do with the beverages than the tiki, but since the surfer’s curse, all sorts of spooky stories have formed around the tiki. Other surfers also began experiencing bad luck in the presence of the tiki.

Ultimately, the bar owner had to get rid of the tiki if he wanted to keep his customer base. But his loss is your gain, paranormal seekers! And don’t worry, we’re keeping the tiki chained up. (Also, our paranormal collector has located a Polynesian shaman to help contain the curse). We will not, however, be holding another public de-cursing ritual after the last, er… Never mind.

Can’t make it to the museum? Never fear.

And you can always make your tiki tea at home. It's super easy. All you need are two ingredients:

3 oz mango rum

3 oz sweet tea

Pour over ice and serve in a tiki glass! Paper umbrellas are optional, but on Halloween, tiki glasses are mandatory.

Tiki glasses (not haunted - just Halloween appropriate)

At the San Benedetto Paranormal Museum, we provide lots of ways you can engage with our exhibits, starting in our Fortune Telling Room, with its collection of antique Tarot cards and exhibits from America's golden age of spiritualism.

And you can try our FREE Fortune Telling Course, which we'll deliver straight to your inbox! Just click the image below to get started.

Fortune telling course image

P.S. Thank you to Margorie at Ladies Aid for lending us the plants for the grand opening exhibit.

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