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A Sicilian Honeymoon

In March, I flew to Sicily, bought a notebook in the airport, and spent the next nine days exploring and making notes. My goal was to gather material to send Arsen and Susan from my Wits' End series on a Sicilian honeymoon for a novella, Revenge of the Ziti.

I ended up with so much material, I've decided to send Maddie from the Paranormal Museum mysteries to Sicily as well for her sister's wedding. I've been teasing that Italian count for I don't know how many books, so I might as well. Though right now I see that novella less murder mystery and more suspense. But we'll see how it shakes out.

Sicily really is amazing.

Greek ruins in Agrigento.


A church in Erice.

Castello Maniace, Isola di Ortigia

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