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Harvest of the Witch is Here!!!

--By Kirsten Weiss

It's here! IMage of the book, Harvest of the Witch, on a phone screen. Background of a full moon and bats.

Harvest of the Witch

Halloween is coming… And so is murder…

Doyle witch Karin has it all. A loving husband. Two wonderful children. A flexible career. Now that her days of fighting dark magicians is over, she’s perfectly happy in her comfortable life. But beneath the surface of perfection, cracks are emerging.

So when a witch she’s mentoring asks for help, Karin might be a little too eager to escape her routine. Until she arrives at the remote mansion retreat to find her apprentice is dead.

Exploring the fragile balance between love and longing, happiness and deception, Karin must follow the trail of dark magic to its end. But can she overcome not only a killer, but her own inner demons?

A thrilling supernatural mystery, Harvest of the Witch is packed with Halloween magic and murder! Perfect for fans of paranormal women’s fiction, this short read is book 12 in the Witches of Doyle mystery series and a prequel to Kirsten Weiss’s new Mystery School series.

The first full-length book in the series, Legacy of the Witch, is coming April, 2024!

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