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Momento Mori: How Remembering Death Inspired a Happier Life

--By Kirsten Weiss

One day, when you least expect it, you're going to die. How will you leave the world better than you found it?

One of the big lessons I learned from 2022 is that we don’t know the downstream effects of what we put out into the world. But it does seem that anger and negativity beget the same. And the odds of getting positive outcomes are higher when we're producing truth and love and beauty.

This is a big part of the reason why, as a writer, I’ve turned more to comedy. (Another reason is writing comedy puts me into a better mood). It’s easy to feel defeatist. It’s easy to get into the everything-is-awful groove. But everything isn’t awful. Yes, we humans can be silly and petty and stupid. But we’re also kind of…funny. And ephemeral. Very ephemeral.

And though not everything lends itself to humor, when we lighten up, I think we're just better. Or at least I am. Life's too short not to fill it with laughter as much as possible.

My upcoming Tea and Tarot novel, The Sword in the Scone, is big on humor and a lot bigger on romance, which is a particular type of comedy according to Shakesperean scholars. And while I’m no Shakespeare, I like the romance/comedy concept as defined by said scholars:

From Wikipedia: “The romances call for spectacular effects to be shown onstage, including storms at sea, opulent interior and exterior scenery, dream settings and the illusion of time passing. Scholars have argued that [they] deal with faith and redemption, and are variations on themes of rewarding virtue over vice.”

The setting for The Sword in the Scone is opulent—a holistic resort in the California redwoods on ocean cliffs. And there’s faith and redemption, and as in all mysteries, a rewarding of virtue over vice.

I also think it’s a fun read. And though it’s not high art, I hope it will leave the world a slightly better place too.

How are you going to leave the world better than you found it?

Tea and Tarot. Love and Murder.

A Tarot conference at a holistic resort seems the perfect place for Tea and Tarot partners Hyperion and Abigail to promote their business and enjoy some beachside luxury. But murder cuts their R&R short. And when the evidence points to Abigail’s devilishly appealing neighbor, Brik, and an unsolved murder connected to his past, these amateur detectives are on the case.

Years ago, Brik’s girlfriend died at the hands of an unknown stalker. He lost everything: his love, his job, his home. Now, he’s convinced history is repeating itself. He’s tried to keep Abigail in the friend-zone, but he fears another woman he cares about just may be the next victim.

As the investigation heats up, Brik and Abigail are determined to keep each other at arm’s length. But as they cross swords with the killer, their feelings become harder to resist. If these two don’t learn to trust each other, their chance at love might be cut short. Permanently.

The Sword in the Scone is a fast-paced and funny cozy mystery, packed with oddball characters, Tarot, and murder. Pre-order the book and start this hilarious caper when it launches on February 14th!

Tearoom recipes in the back of the book!

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