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Paranormal News! 19 January, 2024

--By Madelyn Kosloski, of the San Benedetto Paranormal Museum

Text: Hello Friday @SBPM_Museum. Image: Antique map of Sicily plus Tarot cards

I'm about to leave for my trip to Sicily, which has all sorts of paranormal history--UFOs, Medusa, the Cyclops... There's probably more, which I'll see if I can learn more about while I'm there, though I suspect I'll be fairly busy with my sister's wedding. (If not, she'll be sure to keep me busy, haha).

But in the meantime, here's your paranormal news of the week!

  1. The 10 most web-searched monsters in the US.

  2. Volcanic crater believed to be ‘alien landing site guarded by Loch Ness-style beast’ turns blood red ‘when danger looms.’ Okey dokey then.

  3. CCTV footage spooks the owner of a haunted teashop. Hm... There's a teashop in nearby San Borromeo that does Tarot readings. I wonder if it's haunted too?

  4. Here's an interesting new blog that reviews the in's and out's of paranormal investigations.

  5. When a hole was ripped in the fuselage of Alaska flight 1282 a couple weeks ago, by chance, no one was in the seats nearby, though the flight was otherwise full. Coincidence? Or something more?

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