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Shifters and Shamans Special Collection

Every now and then I go into an experimental phase and create something that isn't quite the normal genre fiction. Usually these are shorter stories, because shorter seems less riskier.

My Doyle Witch Supplements fall into this category. Ostensibly paranormal romance novellas written by Doyle witch Karin and woven together with a supernatural mystery happening in Doyle, I couldn't put them in the "normal" Doyle witch mystery lineup.

To make a long story short (I know, too late), I've packaged all three of the stories into one special collection. The set launches April 30th on all retailers. You can pre-order the collection now.

Shifters and Shamans: Books 1-3

Three Doyle Witch Paranormal Romances

What happens when a fictional witch pens three paranormal romances?

All hell breaks loose.

Shifters and Shamans were supposed to be simple love stories with a shamanic theme. But fledgling witch, Karin Bonheim, never anticipated the world she created would bleed into her own... or the danger it would bring.

Start reading these witchy paranormal romances today!

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