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The Banshee Detective launches today!

--Kirsten Weiss

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The Banshee Detective: A Midlife Magic Mystery

Riga’s engaged to the man of her dreams. But as the big day approaches, a cold case in an Irish pub is unearthing insecurities about her magic and upcoming marriage. Will this middle-aged metaphysical detective get cold feet?

And when a Celtic fairy gets involved, she must navigate between the demands of justice here and from the Otherworld. Riga’s going to have to dig deep into her bag of tricks to crack this case. But can she adapt before it’s too late?

This Riga Hayworth novella takes place between the events in The Shamanic Detective and The Infernal Detective. If you’re a fan of fast-paced urban fantasy, don’t miss this twisty paranormal mystery, because this complicated, 40-something heroine isn’t like the others...

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Kindle | Apple Books | Nook | Google Play | Kobo


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