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When in a Funk, Work

New Book cover: The Alchemical Detective. A Riga Hayworth Mystery

Someone disappointed me last week. I saw it coming-. I'd seen this person's traits for a while but had been making excuses. So I expected what happened to happen, and then it did.

But even when you're in a slow-motion disaster, it's painful, especially when I asked myself why the hell I'd let myself be disappointed.

But I can only self-reflect for so long before I get caught in a useless thought-loop. So I decided to refocus on a new project. I'm re-editing and reissuing my Riga Hayworth series.

My writing style has changed quite a bit since I first wrote The Alchemical Detective. I had a weird obsession with semi-colons, a haphazard application of commas, and used way too many exclamation points, for starters.

I was also in a dark place when I wrote that book. I'd been home for a couple years after leaving Afghanistan, couldn't fit in back in the States, and was making ends meet with pick-up work writing website copy and doing odd jobs. As a result, The Alchemical Detective, is a lot grittier than I remembered.

I'm not changing any of the characters. But I am toning down the violence, polishing the prose, and updating the tech. DVDs? Ha! I also discovered the books are paranormal women's fiction, written years before middle-aged heroines going through middle-aged stuff was a thing.

So I'm updating the covers to reflect that genre. I expect to have the whole series relaunched early 2023, with a new novelette on the way in the spring. If I keep working weekends, it may happen sooner. But I'd rather not work weekends. 😜

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