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Writing Update: I'm Losing My Mind

Launch three books in a row, they said. Just one a month, they said... It all sounded doable. After all, I started the first three books in the Big Murder Mystery series nearly a year ago. PLENTY of time.

But what I hadn't counted on was the murder mystery games in the back of each book. Recipes are quick and easy to test and include. But with a game, I have to actually round up a group of willing friends to play, and this doesn't always happen quickly.

And then I got a jury summons. The first and last time I served on a jury, we were judging a guy who'd allegedly broken a really stupid and bad law. But in that state, you couldn't let someone off because the law was stupid and bad. We did end up only charging him with the lightest charge--a misdemeanor. But I still feel crappy about it. Also, as much as I believe in doing my civic duty, this is just really bad timing for me to take time off.

HOWEVER, Big Bucks will launch on July 31st as planned and with a game, hell or high water. But it's going to be REALLY down-to-the-wire, which makes my teeth itch.

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