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Cover Reveal! The Sword in the Scone

I just got the new cover for The Sword in the Scone, book 6 in the Tea and Tarot cozy mystery series. It's coming out on Valentine's Day, 2023! Currently, it's available for pre-order on Kindle, Nook, and Kobo, though it will be available on GooglePlay and Apple Books by year end.

But I wanted to have some links available before the book before it, Gingerbread Dead, came out at the end of the month.

Book cover; the sword in the scone by Kirsten Weiss. Image of two scones impaled on a sword with a heart-shaped hilt beside a teapot.

And then I realized, I actually had one of the scones featured in the book and a reasonable facsimile of a sword. Well, it's a letter opener. But still. Photo opportunities abounded!

Photo of two pistachio rose cardamom scones impaled on a sword-shaped letter opener besides a Moroccan teapot.

Since the scone recipe is pistachio, rose and cardamom, I thought the Moroccan teapot worked well with the image on several thematic levels.

Photo of a hand emerging from a cloud of knitting and holding two scones impaled on a letter opener shaped like a sword. Fake greenery surrounds the scene.

And then I went really crazy and recreated the Rider Waite Smith Tarot's Ace of Swords with scones. When you've got two scones impaled on a letter opener... I mean, you can't just take ONE photo of it.

And then I stopped because all the other Tarot cards with swords required human models.

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