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Writing Update!

Writing Update: Image of woman typing with roses on her desk. I definitely do NOT have roses at my writing desk. But there is a laptop.

Yes, I'm still writing!

First, thank you to everyone who bought Never Say Chai. I've gotten a lot of good feedback on the book, number 4 in the Tea & Tarot cozy mystery series.

And I've got a vague idea for another Advent to Murder, this time taking place in the realm of the Perfectly Proper Paranormal Musem. In case you missed last year's, if you sign up for it, you'll get a daily email with a clue to a murder, leading up to Christmas. I'll reveal the results on the 26th. It was a lot of fun last year -- several of the participants actually created murder boards in their home!

But right now, I'm busy editing The Woman from Planet X, book 6 in the Wits' End series. Susan goes a little crazy on planner accessories, and... I sort of did too. Etsy has amazing planner stuff. Floating tabs! Tasseled paper clips! My own planner is now blinged out. Purely for research purposes, of course.

What happened to Wits' End's book 5, you ask? Gnome Alone arrives October 31st! (And you can still pre-order it for a 20% discount).

My sister, who's a terrific romance writer, is giving Big Shot a read, and once she's done, I'll put the final edits on it and send it off to my editors at misterio press. They're currently doing the final copy edit on Going, Going, Dead, which is the new name of my Paranormal Museum mystery (my old title was Deadly Bargain -- good thing I didn't have the covers made yet. Heh, heh.).

Meanwhile, I'm writing book 2 in the "Big Murder Mystery Series," Big Bad. Like Never Say Chai, this book also takes place around Halloween, so it's definitely getting me in the spirit!

Also, I think I've figured out how to weave a mystery through my non-fiction book on Tarot from "Hyperion." The actual publication of that more psychological look at Tarot is a ways off, but as I'm sure Susan Witsend would agree, it's nice to have a plan. Meanwhile, you can check out a rough draft of chapters in the book on Thursdays, when I post Hyperion's Tarot blogs.

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