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Writing Update!

--Kirsten Weiss

on writing... And why I hate January. Image of woman typing on a laptop computer.

I didn't really understand Einstein's Theory of Relativity until I got older. Not because I became more knowledgeable about physics, but because life started moving at light speed.

It seems to be racing even faster this year, as I implement my "publish something every month except January" program. (No one likes January. I'm sorry, January, but it's the month when the holidays are over and you're still stuck in winter.)

Anyway. I'm taking off to Sicily shortly to research Revenge of the Ziti, book 9 (?!) in the Wits' End series. The trip has compacted all my regular work, but I remain on track. Here's the pub schedule as it stands:

March 17th: The Banshee Detective (Riga Hayworth novella)

April 25th: The Bantam Menace (Wits' End novel)

May 31st: The Mysteries of Tarot (currently available for pre-order only on Barnes & Noble and only as a hardback. But there will be a paperback available on Amazon. Not sure about the ebook).

June 30th: Deadly Divination (Paranormal Museum novella)

July 31st: Dead End Donation (Paranormal Museum novel)

August 31st: The Mummy Murders (Paranormal Museum novel)

Yes, I do have publications planned for the rest of the year--a Doyle Witch novella in September, Revenge of the Ziti in October, a Tea and Tarot novella in November, and a Paranormal Museum role-playing game in December.

And then January 2024 can f- right off.


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