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Writing Update: 9 April, 2023

--By Kirsten Weiss

Book covers: The Bantam Menace, The Mysteries of Tarot, And Deadly Divination. Coming soon!

Happy Easter, everyone! I'll be spending the day hiking and overeating, and I don't think the former will make up for the latter.

There's a lot of paranormal museum writing happening right now. Deadly Divination, a short read which comes out at the end of June, is in the throes of its final copyedits. Dead End Donation, which launches in July, is in the middle of a more serious prose edit. And I just finished the book that comes after that, The Mummy Murders.

I'm ready for something new.

The next book in the Wits' End series, The Bantam Menace, launches April 25th. If you pre-order the ebook, you can get it for the limited-time discount price of $3.99.

And since Susan and Arsen are top of mind, I'm going to start working on Revenge of the Ziti, their wacky Sicily adventure, next.

The Mysteries of Tarot, "Hyperion's" Tarot guidebook, is technically done. But I keep making little tweaks to it. I really need to stop, but that's always been my problem with Tarot. It's a metaphysical and philosophical wormhole. There's no bottom. But the book will be ready for its launch date on May 31st!

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